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For the past two decades the economical and the political situation in Bulgaria is very unstable and the educational system in the country is directly affected by this fact. The unemployment among the youth and the lack of motivation and value system in the young generation is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for the community and the employers as a part of the economic system.
On the other hand, this exact problem has the potential to turn the education into a catalyst for renovation and to bring in the changes needed to our society. In our days the knowledge has become a main factor of growth in the developed countries and became more important even than the labor, resources of nature or even the money. And still, in Bulgaria the employers are more and more complaining because of the lack of well qualified employees, a result of the problems which our education system is suffering.

And right here is where our bold idea was born. To start “The Big Change”, offering the young generation an opportunity to start by changing themselves first.

Who are we? Our names are Ventsislava Nikolova and Elitsa Hristova, two young women and childhood friends, full with ambition and willing to change the world. We have strong vision and hopes for the future, and we believe that we have the basic experience, the strong will and the perseverance to achieve our goals. We have been part of educational project in Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium etc. and we are both experienced in training and facilitating.

How do we plan to start? In the fall of 2014 we started a program of 6 trainings, forming a course program which is taking place in the University of Ruse, Bulgaria- our hometown. The program is based on soft skills trainings (Communication and presentation skills, Time management, Self – awareness etc.) mostly focused on practice, including role games, visualization, energizers, brainstorming, discussions and case studies. The target group are the freshmen and second year students as they are the ones which will just have to start choosing their life and career paths and forming a better personalities and vision for the future. They will be the ones who can benefit the most from the opportunity we are offering them.
How do we see our next steps? We plan to expand the program of the trainings, to include new topics (like Leadership and Entrepreneurship) and even to invite guest trainers (foreigner trainers, representatives of the business, popular people from the educational fields etc.)
And now we ask for your help and support- Do you want to be a change maker? Do you want to support the young and ambitious? Do you want educated human resources?


 If you do so, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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